Lombok Island, another Indonesian Photography beauty.

Situated at the east of Bali Island, Lombok is becoming a new tourism and photography  destination.Kuta (Belakang Novotel)Photo Credit: Qwadru Putro Wicaksono

Its natural beauty, people activities and culture has a very rich variety  and unique character is the reason for selecting Lombok Island as the venue for an international photographer’s gathering.

_BTP9648Photo Credit: Quadru Putro Wicaksono 

Photographers from twelve or more countries, including Indonesia will be invited to participate in The International Photo Week Indonesia 2013, from September 5th until September 8, 2013.

The Event will commence in Jakarta with an International Photography Exhibition and International Photography Seminar. Followed by 4 days of photography outing in The Island of Lombok. Exploring its natural beauty, people’s daily life and culture.

Novotel - Lombok 5A warm greeting at the beach (photo by: Goenadi H)

Novotel - Lombok 1

Village atmosphere at The Novotel Kuta Beach Lombok Hotel (Photo by: Goenadi H)

Sade-Rembitan 1

Sade Village, a traditional village in Lombok. (Photo by: Goenadi H)

Kain Lombok
Handicraft and Songket Cloth, worth for your personal collection.                               (Photo by: Goenadi H)

Put a note in your agenda to ensure that you will be a part of  The International Photo Week Indonesia 2013. Don’t miss this wonderful opportunity with world wide participants. Make friends and be inspired how photography can be an interesting life time activity by networking with people of the same interest.

Sengigi BeachSengigi Beach (Photo by: Goenadi H)

See you in Lombok for The International Photo Week Indonesia 2013.

For further information; call Goenadi Haryanto at +628161486603


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My name is Goenadi Haryanto and I am an Indonesian Professional Photographer, mainly dealing with tourism photography.
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